Cohocton, NY - 2009

This Job really was a tough one!!! The owners knew they needed a roof. The main house had three layers on it, and the building code regulators only allow 2 now due to the strain of the weight that an asphalt / Fiberglass roof puts on the Truss / Rafter system. The average weight of one layer is approximately 250 lbs. per 10' x 10' Area. The main roof was 1300 sq. ft. with a approximate weight of 9750 lbs. on a old 1880 roof consisting of 1" slats in odd widths over 4' x 4' rafters spaced 3 to 4' apart. Now a days its a minimum of 2' apart 2" x 8" with 5/8" plywood or OSB on top. We had to install purlins length wise and nail to the original 4" x 4" rafters with Spiral deck nails and sheet it with the new Zip Roof Systems by Many of the barn type boards at the eaves had to be replaced, as did the fascia boards, as they were severely rotted. But all in all we only put back about 1625 lbs., which included the Timber Creek Steel Shake by Classic Metals.

The lower roofs were in far worst neglect. With the pitch on these roofs only being 2" in 12" of rise, the ice, snow and water had less of a gravity factor and more time over the years to sit there and cause damage. The one big porch had 6 layers on it, that the prior owner had done unbeknownst to the new owners!!! It had approximately 3000 lbs. on it. One more layer would have been the straw that broke the camels back!!! We re-sheeted it and put a Standing Seam on it after we tore off all those layers. The standing seam is by Fabral. We only put approximately 300 lbs back on. All told we took approximately 14,857 lbs. off. (That's over 7 Ton!!!) and only put back 2700 Total pounds. That's a 6 Ton Face Lift and another 100 plus years life to this Old House. With the New Lifetime Warranted Roofing, Siding and Windows, this smart semi-retired couple can spend their Vacations Traveling the World. Because there's no more Exterior Home Work to Do. OK, maybe an occasional bath, but that's It!!!

The Old Roof...
During Construction



The Finished Product!

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